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Real-Time Lightning

Real-Time Lightning Information

This data is for informational purposes only and is not to be used for protection of life or property.

The images are updated every 5 minutes and show the location of recent cloud-to-ground lightning strikes.

White bolts indicate the most recent strikes and gray bolts indicate strikes up to 30 minutes old.

When we think of deadly storms, most people instantly picture tornadoes and damaging winds.

However, lightning is the #2 severe weather killer in the United States (flash floods are #1).

Coined by the National Weather Service, it’s a simple saying that can go a long way: “When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!”

If you’re outside when you hear thunder or see lightning, you should move indoors immediately.

Preferably, go inside a fully enclosed building.

While inside, do NOT use corded telephones and electrical appliances.

Plus, you should avoid washing dishes or taking a bath/shower while a storm is near you.

Lightning can strike buildings and the electricity can travel through the wiring in your home, striking you inside.

Should a storm approach while you’re outside and a building is nowhere in sight, find a vehicle with a solid metal top and sides.

The car’s body can protect you should a lightning bolt hit.

Also, steps should be taken to avoid trees.

They can act as a lightning rod and provide no protection from the storm.

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